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It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you all at the International conference on Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology / Nanomedicine "Bionanointeractions and Nanotoxicology" that will be held at Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Pancasila, 7th December 2019. Its aim to promote scientific contacts, discussions between researchers from various fields, and becomes a forum to increase knowledge related to nanotechnology and nanomedicine.


The 4th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology / Nanomedicine is a seminar which is conducted by Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Pancasila (UP). It is a forum for students, researchers, academics, observers, and practitioners from university, research institutions, industries, and professionals to exchange ideas and latest information in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, especially about Nanotechnology / Nanomedicine in the specific theme Bionanointeractions and Nanotoxicology

The objectives of this seminar are

As a forum to exchanging ideas with experts in the field of nanotechnology about the current state of knowledge of nano interactions and the toxicity of nanomaterials. In this conference will be given the knowledge that support the biological interactions of nanomaterials and the environmental or social threats posed by the nanomaterials. This is important because research and development in the field of nano is growing very rapidly. The magnitude of the impact obtained from nanoscale materials both in terms of health, engineering, and business, making the production of nanomaterials is increasing. The possibility of negative effects arising from these interactions is of concern to scientists, industry, regulatory experts, and the public. At this international conference will be discussed further about the extent of the interaction of nanomaterials as well as the safety and impact of toxicity caused in the field of nanotechnology.


  • Pharmacists who work in various health facilities both the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals.
  • Academics from the Department / Faculty of Pharmacy / Health Sciences Group.
  • Researchers on Formulation and Nanotechnology.
  • Stakeholders in the Ministry of health, Health Office, BPOM.
  • Pharmacy Students (D3, S1, S2, S3 and pharmacist study programs).
  • Community activists for developing science and application of nanotechnology-based preparations.
  • General public.

Area of Research

Open to all fields of Pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical sciences.


it's easy to join, you just need to fill in the participant registration form, and you can login to the conference participant page. Before registering you may need to know participant fees by category, click the button below you will be directed to the registration page.



Prof. Arwyn Tomos Jones, PhD.

Breaking the Lock and Using the Key to get Nanoparticles and Receptors into Cells

School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Cardiff University UK

Assoc. Prof. Giorgia Pastorin, PhD.

Advanced in nanomedicine : synthesis or biomimicry?

Department of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore

Prof. Dr. Shaharum Shamsuddin

Understanding 'Cells-Nanoparticle' Communication : Important step for Nano-toxicity

School of Health Sciences, University Sains Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Zullies Ikawaty, Apt.

Faculty of Pharmacy, Gadjah Mada University

Assoc. Dr. Deni Rahmat

Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Pancasila

Topic Coverage
Pharmaceutical Technology and Nanotechnology
Phytochemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis
Pharmacology, Toxicology and Biotechnology
Clinical Pharmacy and Miscellaneous Topics

Topic of Presenters

Open to all / non-pharmacy disciplines


Publication Opportunity

Sinta Indexed Journal

"Jurnal Ilmu Kefarmasian Indonesia"

"Jurnal Sains Farmasi dan Klinis"

The Proceeding (ISBN)



# Category Early Bird (IDR) Late Bird (IDR)
1 Student Presenter 500 K 650 K
2 Public Presenter 1000 K 1250 K
3 Student Non Presenter 300 K 400 K
4 Public Non Presenter 700 K 850 K


1 Early Bird Payment 27th October 2019
2 Deadline of Abstract Submission 30th November 2019
3 Notification of Abstract Acceptance 10th November 2019
4 Fullpaper Deadline 30th November 2019
5 Conference Date 7th December 2019


Bank Name BNI branch UI Depok
Acc. No 029 991 0654
Acc. Holder's Name Fak Farmasi, Univ Pancasila Yayasan
Payment Confirmation 081314136262 (Elysa)


1 The registration fee exclude publication.
2 The registration fee covers seminar materials, lunch, morning and afternoon teas, attendance of all technical sessions.
3 Payments are non-refundable.
4 Participants are responsible for transfer fees and bank charges.
5 At least one author for each accepted paper must register.


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